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Johnny Pro+

Handler, Rollout Beam

Stone setter

Johnny Pro+

Less manpower needed, making it a one-man job

Beam pulls out linearly and has cross bars to secure monuments, bags of mulch or boxes of pool tiles.  


Standard cylinders, and wireless control (for an additional cost) allow for you to bring the object up and down using a push button. 

Looks like you were never there

It won't ruin the landscaping. You can differentiate your business by precision with equipment that you use. When placing heavy stones, you can be careful not to hurt the landscaping or damage other burial or landscaped areas.

Handler, Rollout Boom

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PathTrack Logan Handler

Handler, Articular Boom 

Set in any direction—does not have to be 90° to the plot. The boom swings left and right (approx. 5 feet), making it easier to set monuments and vaults, or HVAC units. Boom lifts from ground level to approximately 11 feet of hook height. With its articulating boom, it is ideal for restoring and re-setting monuments. For flush mount cemeteries when in the ground, normal vault handlers can come in perpendicular and don't have to worry about memorials.

Fixed Boom Axis Logan Handler

Handler, Fixed Boom 

Saves you a step of pulling out the beam. With the other other units you have to pull out the beam and then level out the legs on the other side of the hole. With the fixed boom you don't have to do that. The boom sticks out beyond the hole to set the vault or object.

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tombstone lifting

Handler, Rollout Beam 

Most affordable with a beam that pulls out linearly and has cross bars to secure monuments. With cylinders and wireless control (using a push button), you can bring the object up and down with ease.

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