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Willie Dump

Self-propelled dump trailer

Monument dump trailer

Willie Commercial Dump

Overall dimensions (download)
Simplify your fleet or reduce the amount of equipment needed on-site

With its flexibilty, you can have it self-propel so you can adjust quickly when backing up to the area that you are dropping the material. 


Safety on uneven ground

It has two hydraulic cylinders in the back for leveling on hills, or uneven ground, and it will prevent you from getting stuck.

The dump hinges at the bottom, sides and top of the gate to allow for control of speed & quantity of dirt or materials.


The dual-cylinder dump bed is more stable, using its three-cylinder stabilizers so you don't dump over target area & you can level the unit in uneven ground.


Easy on the grass and makes turns around tight corners like butter

If you've got a lot of dirt, debri or trees to move, it saves you time and labor; and you no longer have to back up a large truck that is cumbersome and risky. You don’t have to dump dirt in small piles, or transport it in wheelbarrows—you can take it right to the location and dump it where it needs to be. 

Moves fast, with reduced vibration from the engine

Fewer trips back and forth to haul pavers, stones or playground equipment from one area to the next. Even construction crews or roofing crews can use the dump to remove debris and move to the next step faster. 

Self-propelled dump trailer

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