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Join the TruRebel Revolution –

(formerly Axis Corp Logan Handler) 

where the trailers are as gritty as the souls that haul them. 


If you’ve got a tough job, you’re ready to rebel.

TruRebel equipment boldly delivers construction with a hint of rebellion. When precision and care are in order, TruRebel empowers any man to get the job done even when working solo.

Self-Propelled Handlers


PathTrack towable monument handler

Get to challenging spots where boom trucks just can't reach. Ideal for uneven terrains, with heavy-duty geared drivetrain and variable hydraulic speed control for optimal performance. Perfect for tight neighborhoods, municipalities, corporate gardens, or cemeteries. 

Self-Propelled Dump Trailers


Willie dump trailer

Fast, one-man operation saving you time and labor. You no longer have to back up a large truck that is cumbersome and risky. You don’t have to dump dirt, or transport it in wheel barrows—you can take it right to the location  and dump it once. 

Self-Propelled Crane Trailers 


Coming Soon

Pick up heavy stones, gravel or mulch using a Palfinger crane and maneuver around tight residential or commercial greens without hurting the turf. This self-propelled trailer gives you more time without having to change out equipment or add more men to the crew. 

About TruRebel Products.

Better Navigation.

Ideal for uneven terrains, with heavy-duty geared drivetrain and variable hydraulic speed control for optimal performance. Conquer uneven, wet or difficult landscaping - reaching areas a boom truck just can't get to - all while keeping terrain as it was before you got there.

Tight corners.

Perfect for tight neighborhoods, corporate gardens, or graveyards. Get around tight corners thanks to our slim design. 

Towable & dependable.

Reliable quick-start engine and a towable buggy, engineered for effortless over-the-road towing. Empowering you with our fast, self-propelled machinery, designed for seamless one-man operation. 

Do it alone, all while maintaining the lawn.

The green turf or plots you are driving over will look like you've never been there. This machine was made to work seamlessly with fewer people and a faster process. 

Garden Soil_edited.jpg
Feel the power of revolution.

Financing made easy with one of our partners.

Become a TruRebeler

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Hitch up and let the rebellion roll. 

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